Powerful IAM System

Key Features

Adcyma Management Portal

At the foundation of Adcyma is our Management Portal, the central hub for user and group administration.

This is the platform where tasks such as crafting custom workflows, initiating user updates, and scheduling provisioning will take place.

The versatility to perform various tasks, from mailbox conversions to sending automated emails and granting OneDrive access, makes our Management Portal exceptionally powerful.

Designed for efficient resource usage, our infrastructure empowers rapid and responsive updates to Entra ID, optimizing system performance

Tailor and automate the tasks essential for your organization.
Just in time modifications
Centralized platform for user & group management
Single sign-on


Adcyma provides flexible customization options to suit diverse organizational structures and needs, delivering a personalized IAM solution.

Custom Workflows
User Group Management
Integration Capabilities

Why Choose Adcyma?

Discover what sets Adcyma apart and why it’s the ideal IAM solution for you.

Efficient Setup and Management, with Minimal Learning Curve

No technical know-how needed. Adcyma’s user-friendly design means you can skip the expensive IAM consultants and the endless hours spent on installation and maintenance.

Customizable for your organization

With Adcyma, customizing your setup is seamless, offering the flexibility to define formats for attributes such as DisplayName and AccountName, ensuring consistency across your environment.

Service Level Agreement

With our reliable infrastructure, we ensure a 99% SLA on our services.


Adcyma is designed with a user-centric interface, making it straightforward and easy to navigate for user administrators.

Simple User Onboarding and Offboarding
Easy Workflow Assembly
Intuitive Dashboard


Adcyma’s pricing plan offers scalable options suitable for organizations of all sizes, ensuring affordability without compromising on quality service.

Competitive Pricing Tiers
Transparent Billing Model
ROI Optimization

Interested in trying Adcyma?

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