Empowering Organizations with an Easy-to-Use IAM Solution

Our Story and Product

Adcyma offers a lightweight IAM system tailor-made for organizations of all sizes. Our solution provides seamless access control, user governance, and flexible pricing plans to suit your needs.

The idea of Adcyma started when one of our founders migrated from On-premesis Active Directory to Entra ID and wanted a solution to automate on- and offboarding.
Unable to find a suitable solution without the necessity of purchasing an expensive and complicated system and hiring an IAM expert, he reached out to our other founder, an IAM specialist. Together they decided to develop an uncomplicated IAM system.

We’re driven by our vision of creating an easy-to-use IAM system, this fuels our ongoing development of Adcyma.

Core Values

At Adcyma, we uphold these principles in everything we do:


We constantly innovate to provide cutting-edge IAM solutions for our clients, ensuring optimal security and efficiency.


Putting our clients first, we prioritize their needs and deliver personalized IAM systems that exceed expectations.


Our systems are built on a foundation of reliability, offering robust security and consistent performance for peace of mind.


We value collaboration and work closely with clients to understand their unique requirements and tailor IAM solutions accordingly.


Adapting to the evolving needs of organizations, we offer flexible pricing plans and scalable solutions for seamless integration.


Integrity is at the core of our operations, ensuring transparency, honesty, and ethical practices in all our interactions.

Meet Our Team

Our diverse team of experts combines technical prowess and industry experience to deliver top-notch IAM solutions for our clients.

Anna Miller

Founder & CEO

David Smith

Head of Product

Paul Ruth


Emily Brown


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